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I feel like a few of my posts this past year haven’t been the best, but I also want to document this time in our lives for you. So I apologize for this, but I also apologize that this is happening in the world today. That you are witness to this and that this is changing your future before you’re anywhere near it.

Yesterday, the people who were unhappy that their presidential candidate didn’t win the election broke into the Capitol Building. The first attended a protest with the former president down the street somewhere, which is fine. Use your voice. But after they all decided to march down to the Capitol and then proceeded to break down the barriers and enter the building.

See today is the day that they were tallying the final electoral votes and announcing Biden as the winner. So they interrupted that thinking somehow that would be successful to get them to stop. Once that crap was over they got back at it and announced it at 3:32am.

That being said there was a lot of damage and 4 people died. Because they didn’t get their way. And what’s worse is how it was handled. If it would have been a BLM protest the death toll would have been so much higher.

Any who, I screenshotted a few pics that stood out to me to mark this history for you. I should have done this when things started with BLM but I didn’t and for that I’m sorry too. That deserves as much as our attention this past year as this does.

Trumps Inauguration vs. Yesterday