A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

Well unfortunately the original place I was hosting this blog ran out of room and was becoming too expensive.  So it took some time but I figured out how to transfer everything over to our host.  What this did though was made it so I couldn’t post any blogs this last month.  And that means my thoughts as they were happening are gone.  So for now I am going to do a photo dump of this year and share a few thoughts I have right now.

This year’s holiday was different for obvious reasons.  We did not get to do so many things that we would normally do, and yet, we did a good amount.  As usual, we had our cookie baking time, of which you only wanted to decorate.  That’s ok, maybe one day you will want to help with making all the yummy treats.  I also wasn’t sure about delivering to neighbors, but when we got a few deliveries from other neighbors I knew we could.  So we did our annual Christmas Cookie delivery to our friends around us.

We went and say Christmas lights with Dad and then another time we took your friend Olivia and her mom. 

For the advent calendar this year your Uncle Mike organized a family one where everyone sent small gifts and you opened one every day.  As much as I liked the concept, some families didn’t get the idea of small and really we just ended up with more toys.  But you enjoyed looking for the gifts and opening them.  So I’m thinking next year I am going to do the same for us.  I feel like you’re over the tiny candy in each drawer. 

Since we couldn’t see santa in person, we mailed him a letter.  We talked about how the mailbox works and you said it was a tube system underground that takes all the letters right to the north pole.  I also added Santa to your messenger kids so you thought santa was talking to you there, when it was just me.  I wonder how long until you start to think somethings up.  You already called out the santa that came online for your virtual class that he wasn’t the real santa.  

We had a white Christmas for the first time in a very long time. And we opened gifts differently this year too.  Since we couldn’t be with family we opened gifts, played with them, and then opened more as we wanted to.  And as we opened gifts from others we called them on Zoom to be able to be with them a little.  We started at 8:15am, you opened your two gifts from Santa and the barbie dreamhouse from us.  It wasn’t until about 3pm then that we got to more gifts.  And we had to ask you to open family ones so that we could at least talk to the family at Christmas.  Even still we were opening Christmas gifts the day after and the day after that.  I was so happy to be able to relax and be at home and enjoy the days together.  Seeing you open your gifts and take your time with each of them.  I frankly wish we could do this every year.

We actually went sledding this year, when last year we never got the chance.  And you went down the hill by yourself this time too.  

New years was way boring.  The show we usually watch sucked.  I mean times square was EMPTY.  So we went to hibachi per your request, watched tv together, your dad slept, we ran in the new year and went to bed.

Virtual school still sucks.  You just did our testing for your report card today and aced everything.  Hopefully you start back in person on the 18th if things go as planned.


Vaccination has finally started for COVID in the last week.  It’s starting with first responders and hospital workers, people that work with high risk.  It will be months before it is our turn which is good and bad.  Bad because we are still stuck at home but good because maybe by the time it is our turn we will know more about the side effects and they will get it down to one shot instead of two.  But honestly, I don’t think you are able to get the vaccination yet.  I believe it is for 16+.

So there you go a quick rundown of the holiday.  Now that I have this set up I should be able to get back on it.  I don’t know if you will remember this year or not.  But I am glad it is behind us, even though we are still basically sitting in crap for 2021.  But hopefully, 2021 can be the year things get in order and we get back to normal, or as normal as we will ever be again.