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Words from a Mother

So I’m starting my prep for when I start going out places next week and have to feed in public. So I put on my moby wrap today. This thing is amazing. It’s comfortable and she passed out almost as soon as she was in. It was a lot easier to get her in then I thought too. Though I could see in the summertime this fabric being really hot in the hot sun all day. I’ll have to keep my eye out for something just as durable but lightweight too. 

Now the thing is figuring out how to feed in it. They say you can, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Unless I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Lol. Eh, if anything it will make shopping and going out so much easier then I was thinking. 
Now to start working on my freezer stash for June. I pumped for the first time last night and got 3oz, so I’m going to have to start pumping in May every night for a month to build up enough stash. Especially because by then she will be eating larger quantities. But now I know and can get it all ready.