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Words from a Mother

Omg. Best baby in the world award goes to Kahlan tonight. Yesterday was a crazy 24 hours of feeding every 1 1/2 (can we say growth spurt), I was walking into walls during the night. I was talking nonsense to brian because I was so out of it. In the end, totally worth it because she just slept for 7 HOURS STRAIT!!!!  You know what that means?!  I just got about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  That’s the most sleep I’ve gotten since we came home from the hospital. I am feeling so good right now!!!  Yippee!!

Now will this happen tomorrow night?  Probably not. But that’s ok, I’ll still take it!
I was thinking of staying up and working on some craft projects for her room while she’s out. But I have decided to go back to bed and live it up while I can.  Goodnight!