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So yesterday was Kahlan’s nine month check up. Her stats:

Weight:  17lb 4oz (33%)
Height:  29 1/2in (98%)
Head:  44cm (54%)
The scale at the hospital that I go to every week, has her at over 18 pounds. But the scale at the pediatricians has her a pound less. I know scales can vary, especially with such minuscule measurements, but it just seems like a huge discrepancy to me. Either way when I asked Dr. Korah, he said he’s not concerned on her weight even though she went from the 48% to 33%. There was still a lot of growth in the other two areas, so he’s happy. So I’m happy.

That being said, I never in my wildest dreams thought my baby would be in the 33rd percentile for weight. It just seems so small to me, And with my history, the family’s history, and all that jazz, I expected to have a chunker. LOL.
She’s happy, she’s healthy, she’s hitting her milestones, she is just an amazing little girl.
Now only three more months till I have reached my big goal of breast-feeding for one year!  That goal is so in reach it’s ridiculous! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, and here we are three quarters of the way through the first year of breast-feeding. I’m still amazed.