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So yesterday was Halloween!

We had our last swim lesson in the morning. She started to finally kick when on her stomach. Also, when I sit her on the wall and hold my hands out she leans forward and falls into the pool. I can’t say jumps in, because she really does just fall. But she knows what she’s doing as her arms go out slightly and her head goes back. It’s kinda exciting that she’s getting used to the water. We probably won’t do lessons again till the spring, as I don’t do well getting out and about in the winter. Lol

As for the holiday itself, we didn’t go too crazy on the decorations, but we did make the yard pretty nice with some black light stuff, lasers, fog, coffins, skeletons, and this new projector in our front window.  That was a huge hit! A lot of people stop to take video of it, and there were many compliments.

Kahlan was a penguin of course. We got a couple cute pics before the kids started showing up. 

She made it about an hour until she got hungry and needed a nap. And then she was back to helping us hand out candy. 
Can’t really say it was enjoyable for her, or the best thing ever as she’s so young to really get anything. But we had fun and ate a lot of candy. Which is what you do on Halloween really.