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Words from a Mother

Today we went downtown to Rainbows for Kahlan’s physical therapy session. She was all smiles and giggles today, which was just wonderful for me. 

She got to play in front of a floor mirror which she was enthralled by. She even was a wheelbarrow and showed of her amazing arm strength that we’ve been working hard at. And finally after showing Michelle that we can sit up on our own and crawl she said these magic words, “I don’t have anything to give you to work on. She looks amazing!”  
So that’s it!  We have graduated from physical therapy!  Her torticollis has been fixed, though regression can occur, but we don’t see that happening. 
Michelle jokingly said, “as long as she’s walking by 15 months I don’t think we need to see you guys again. And since I’m pretty sure she will be walking sooner then that, it was wonderful working with you.”   It’s wonderful to finally be done. To know that all the trips downtown, and the crying and stretches and hard work paid off. That was a very long 7 months, but we were blessed to have found Michelle who did so wonderfully with Kahlan. I would highly recommend her to any child who needs therapy, she is just an amazing person. 

So now we look forward to graduation number 2: the helmet. Tomorrow we go for our two month head scan and fingers crossed we have more progress. Though really I know we have, her head looks so amazing.